About Us

6 September 2015

About Us


Lull Hostel is a comfortable place to relax after a day full of challenges. It started as a mix of passion for travel, active lifestyle and the eagerness to learn about new cultures.


Situated in Saska Kępa, at a once busy and today quiet Jakubowska street, near Rondo Waszyngtona (the Washington Roundabout), close to bus and tram stops – both to Praga and the city centre. The walk to the recently popular beach at the Vistula river under the Poniatowski Bridge takes about 3 minutes. On your way you can admire the National Stadium. It takes 5 minutes to get to Francuska street – the main route of Saska Kępa, with its many restaurants, cafes and shops. There is also a park in the area – the Skaryszewski Park, regarded as one of the most beautiful parks in Poland and in Europe.


The hostel is conveniently located for tourists. It is the perfect starting base to museums and cultural centres. It also allows to feel the atmosphere of the old Praga district and to spend time in one of the greenest and most artistic areas of Warsaw. For years Saska Kępa has been the home of many actors, authors, painters and architects.

We have made sure that in our hostel you will be able to rest, take a deep breath and relax. Its interior isn’t overwhelming. We have combined the bright and spacious interior of the townhouse with casual furniture and original lighting. White, black, grey and wood – they’re classics in itself.

We have got 20 beds in spacious private and shared rooms with bathrooms. Our guests can also use
the dining room and a resting zone with books and tourist guides. The kitchenette is equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, kettle and toaster. The entire hostel provides Wi-Fi.

The Lull Hostel team is always ready to help you plan your stay in Warsaw.